Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Liars keep Lying

What that old saying? Tell a lie long enough and sooner or later, you're bound to believe it. I'm all for them protecting the country - just don't use fear, spin and bullying to get it done. This is a democracy. Elected officials, checks and balances, reviews of each branch of government etc. Nobody's above the law - including a president and an administration who feel that the Constitution and democratic principles don't apply to them. The title is president, not king.

Monday, January 23, 2006

One more game

Super Bowl XL. February 5, 2006. Detroit. One for the thumb.

Hip-hop progress

It's a somewhat lazy commentary but you just can't go through life starting fights and arguing with people all the time. Things can quickly escalate and the consequences can be fatal. Hip-hop and rap critics have complained that the industry's top rappers, record labels and radio stations intentionally stoke such tensions and imperil lives for financial gains. The "beef" between Nas and Jay-Z has now come to an end. Thank goodness. Nas recently signed a 3 million dollar + deal with the Jay-Z run Def Jam recording label. These two had come to verbal fisticuffs a few years back as to who would reign as NYC's best MC. Time, relationships(Nas - Kelis , Jay-Z - Beyonce), and money may have led to the two of them joining forces and pursuing business together. The drama(manufactured to sell records?) of a feud "sells when you're in a situaution where it can be dangerous" says Sacha Jenkins, editorial director of Mass Appeal, an urban lifestyle magazine based in Brooklyn. "It's just not believable(Jay-Z-Nas feud) from two grown men. I think they're making a unique and potentially wise business decision." Mr. Jenkins also suggest that the two stars might have realized they had beaten the odds and had the chance to enjoy career longevity in the corporate music world. "In order to be productive in that world, certain things have to change and you leave certain things behind." Well said, Mr. Jenkins.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My man Ben

One minute and some odd seconds left in the game. Steelers at the 2 yard line. Just run out the clock, right? Maybe go for 3 or 6 easy points, OK? We're good for that - red zone is automatic for the Steelers. Big Ben hands off the ball to the ever trusty Jerome Bettis - the guy never fumbles. Never. One Colts defensive helmet plants on the ball, Bettis fumbles. My eyes get as big as tea saucers, my jaw drops, "Oh no". I remember whispering this while watching a Colts defender(the guy pictured above) who had been cut on the leg by his wife in a domestic disturbance recently runs down the field with the ball. He had one man to beat: Big Ben. What does our second year QB do? Play defense and trips the Colts guy up at his ankles(see above pic). Colts can't advance, their field goal kicker misses - wide right. Ben saves the game. Ben saves the Steelers season. We move on. Two games to go. One trophy to win.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Great White Hope(s)

Chuck Klosterman has a great article over at espn.com Page 2 on the never-ending next Larry Bird hunt and basketball stereotypes that seem to irrationally capture some hoops fans imaginations. By my count, there have been about 15 different guys who were supposed to have been the next "Larry Legend" Can you blame them for trying though? Look at that form - you know that one's good for either 2 points or 3 : article here

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